Chit-Chat on The Bus


Level 3: consonant digraph blends [ch, sh, th, wh]


A red bus came and the chums got on. Whack hid Chit-Chat in a big bag and put it on his back, because a pet is not allowed on the bus…


Cath and her friends, Beth and Whack, caught a bus to the seaside. They took a picnic with them and Chit-Chat, Whack’s pet chimp, hidden in a bag. The bus set off and while the children talked of sand and shells and ships, Chit-Chat escaped from the bag. He had smelled bananas and crawled under the seats to find them. A woman spotted his hairy hand on the bananas. She screamed, the bus stopped and the driver went in search of the ‘monster’ with the hairy hand!




Published: Birmingham 2016
Binding: Paperback
Size: [H] 210 mm x [W] 148 mm
Illustrations: 30 water colour images
Pages: 38
ISBN: 978-0-9933937-2-3