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Charlotte Bull


I read the Volute Readers with my 6 year old niece Sophie, who has struggled with reading. We both loved the illustrations. Sophie's favourite in the first book [Ned in the Tub] was when the pig hit Sam on the bottom. I really liked the information explaining phonics and why those words are in colour. I was concerned that there may be too many words on each page but she seemed to cope well. The books Sophie normally brings home have fewer words but, as a consequence, they are very dull. I particularly liked the spelling test information and that each level got progressively harder."

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Lynsey Eccles

Bromsgrove - Former special needs teacher & mum of three

My 6 year old son enjoyed reading this brilliant series of books and particularly ‘Crunch at Lunch’, which he found very funny. We both liked the wonderful illustrations. The information provided for parents is very useful: the phonic detail is informative and explains how most children learn to read; coloured words are phonic and are able to be decoded by children; spelling lists are logical and much better than those provided by school; the phonic assessment assists parents to monitor progress. All this extra information sets these books apart from other early readers. They provide a logical, structured approach to reading, whilst being fun and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend them to parents wishing to support their children’s reading.

Susan Hendon

Learner Support Mentor

Students of the Supported Learning Programme, South and City College, Birmingham are working to improve their reading, fine motor skills and social understanding. They have really benefited from reading ‘Ned in a Tub’ and thoroughly enjoyed the story. Smiles and laughter were present throughout the readings. Images filled with humour helped in the process of learning.​

Letter sounds, for most students, are essential in the process of reading and spelling. The book and the others in this series, has helped them consolidate work already done on initial/first-letter sounds. It reinforced and filled in the gaps where certain sounds were missing or not well understood.​

As regards the spelling lists, the group continue to sit together to discuss the meaning of the words, make short sentences and orally spell them out. Progress, using this method, was noted within the first week. One student, who struggled with talking in sentences, is now able to do this with confidence. I would highly recommend this book and its series to anyone learning to read.​